Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Tech Digression when you Upgrade?

For years I was being knocked for having a BlackBerry 10 phone that I was sticking to because I got familiar with it, and for all those who criticized me, I will agree with you BlackBerry 10 did fail at having proper social media apps – Twitter without all the notifications, a substandard Facebook, mediocre Instagram, and absolutely no Snap Chat.


I didn’t need these apps, so, I didn’t care as much as my critics… And let’s be frank here, Do YOU really need these apps? Do you “Really” need Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat?


But – alas, a carrier promotion offered an upgraded plan, and with that plan – why not upgrade your 3 year old BlackBerry Z30 to a ZTE Grand X4 without any additional costs to your service. Sounds like an opportunity


and now I finally get to bask in all that is Android… Like,

  1. How can a touch keyboard be so bad? Even the custom ones? ALL THE CUSTOM ONES? YOU HAVE TO MODIFY A CUSTOM KEYBOARD TO GET HALF THE COMPETANCY, SERIOUSLY…  forget word prediction… word correction 90% of the time you don’t want it.
  2. Multiple Email Accounts? With Multiple calendars with multiple email accounts. Nah bra- no need for that… Business and Personal email – don’t even think about that life
  3. Google is great for everywhere! google now, google browser, google widget, google notifications, google google, google screen capture, ok google. I know where you are right now and everything you do Google.
  4. Take advantage of the much faster Voice Assistance capabilities, where menial tasks you used to do all the time like:
    Add a reminder, Read my email, send an email, send a bbm message, hell do anything with the phone that doesn’t relate to a Google Search is no longer available. Yay. Please, Explain to me how is the BlackBerry Assistant more powerful than Google voice?
  5. Remember Blend that tool that lets you keep your phone somewhere else and stay focused on your PC – Well, Android’s AirDroid is a fantastically incapable advertising supported memory hog that has one quarter of the capabilities and 5 times the set up. BUT AT LEAST IT NOTIFIES YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. YAY. I love constant inactionable notifications.
  6. Background tasks notify you on the notification menu. What? Why?
  7. I love the consistency of the system buttons. particularly the back button: where it does something different everywhere and most of the time it does nothing. That makes sense.
  8. Useless System buttons sure beats consistent gestures that worked in all applications – in every scenario – because you want to go home, but instead you are now using google screen search.
  9. High resolution screens with low resolution text and big icons – can’t use that real estate too wisely now. that’s why I like these large phones with great resolution – because I’d rather not use it.
  10. File Management – dude 10% of your job is computer systems support, why the hell would you want to use your phone as a portable USB drive?!? Why would you want to access files!? on your phone!? hhahahaha ANDROID IS AMAZING.
  11. HDMI out? nah? Miracast? nop. Tap to Pay anywhere (particularly tims), nah – you need to drop extra bills to have that basic feature no one really uses except you (when you had your blackberry)
  12. Playing YouTube in the background or just simple multitasking…. Seriously, try copying and pasting text from one app to another in Android, and just, throw your phone in anguish as you fail this simple concept.
  13. SCRATCH THAT, this phone is as durable as a crystal glass at an opera, don’t throw your phone, warranty requests for an android oem is a black hole of nothingness
  14. You like music? here is how you can put your giant collection of mp3’s on your phone: 1) you can’t. 2) don’t even f’n dare use bluetooth to play a custom music app that isn’t google play music. 3) pay for a music service.
  15. And if the above isn’t painful enough… CONSTANT NOTIFICATIONS EVERYWHERE FOR EVERYTHING. Didn’t use twitter for 3.5 seconds? here’s what you missed!

You know what… I might just downgrade just so I can have a competent device again. Maybe hold out hoping Microsoft actually bothers taking Windows 10 Mobile out of beta development. Or pray that BlackBerry makes another BB10 phone for enterprise or government or something and get your hands on that.




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