Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Why are Live Tiles not desktop icons?




Desktop gadgets make sense – because sometimes you want information at a glance.


Detailed icons (or icons with notifications) make sense – because you might want to open an application that is in a certain state – or has some new information.


And app icons, well that makes sense – as in – they get you to the application you want to reach.


What doesn’t make sense is putting them out of view, or, within a menu. Menu’s serve one purpose – quick access to a list of things. Anything more is extra. having to open up a menu just to see your gadgets – makes no sense….  Nor does opening up a menu to show you a list of applications that have notifications on them makes no sense – as – it deflects from the original purpose of opening the menu in the first place.


Putting Live Tiles in the start menu means, Microsoft believes that you will actually open the start menu without any direct purpose of using the computer. Basically, force the user to take an action, just to glance…. This is quite pessimistic, and detracts from the purpose of any PC.


This makes sense in mobile – as people often just glance at their notifications, but there, in Windows Phone the Live Tiles are the first thing you see without any action taken.


From the inception of Windows Phone 7, I was a fan of having Live Tiles on the PC – but AS THE ACTUAL DESKTOP, everywhere else doesn’t make sense – and for some reason no one out there seems to be noting this?!?


What’s now re-emerging is Desktop Gadgets once again. Some pretty slick ones like Rain Meter which screams conflict of interest as Microsoft purposely put an end to gadgets in favour of live tiles… Yet …. They return!?






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