Friday, 26 February 2016

Open Live Writer is working with Blogger!

openlivewriter-purpleheaderEver since Google stopped supporting older authentication methods – legacy software like “Windows Live Writer” saw their doom, particularly for those of us who use it to write on Blogger.


If you were wondering – that includes my very own Blog.


And as much as I am a fan of online WYSIWYG editors, nothing that Google provided was as smooth and as functional as Windows Live Writer. Unfortunately, Microsoft was no longer interested in maintaining the software as Google has a passion and history of leaving Microsoft products stranded…


So Microsoft wisely abandoned live writer – and made all the source code “Open” for anyone to contribute…


I don’t know when this change was made. and by who. but God Bless the person who updated the Open Live Writer project to use Google’s latest authentication methods.


Open Live Writer works like a charm!


Download it here:

Contribute to it here:


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