Saturday, 14 November 2015

Best (free) Mail app for Windows 10

Email Apps for Windows 10Let me get straight to the point: The out of the box email experience on Windows 10 is best described as a resounding “meh” at best. Even though Microsoft is actively improving the default mail app with very frequent updates – the mail app still isn’t at par with their previous Windows 8 app, and, that too was a simple “uhhh it’s ok i guess”

So… Let me share with you my outrageously biased list of best Win 10 applications for email:

1 – Windows Live Mail (UPDATE: no longer available / working)

This desktop application made for Windows 7, as part of their “Windows Live Essentials” package makes me still yearn for the return of MSN messenger and the cohesiveness of everything Windows 7 brought to market.

Download it here:

Even in touch, the application works well – with it’s large tool strip/smart bar. It’s super clean interface, full multi-account support, HTML signatures, and a whole bunch more. This wonderful piece of software excels far beyond what most paid for email clients have produced… And… it’s not supported any longer by Microsoft. I just hope that one day an app will come close to what “Windows Live Mail” achieved back in 2010.

2 – TouchMail

This Windows Store app is the best app available. And probably the best option for small screen touch based devices. Very easy setup, straight forward interface, and acceptable design.

Get it in store:

3 – Web Based

The odds are your Windows 10 device is always connected to the web. So, just use the Web. Web mail apps have gotten so fully featured it would be hard for a third party developer to produce something that would compare.

Also, if you use “Edge” you can pin the app to the start menu. Unfortunately Windows 10 doesn’t show you the website icon in the tile you pin… but at least you can still “Pin it”

4 – Default mail app (or any other app)

In time I am hoping that one of these apps, or at least the default app, will step up and outclass the 5 year old Windows Live Mail.  But right now, expect a choppy, hard on the eyes, monstrosity of an experience that makes you hope it really did manage to send an email.


If you know of any other email apps for Windows 10 that outclasses the above (and is free) let me know.



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