Sunday, 18 October 2015

Stoves should automatically shut off after 30 minutes.

I am an absent minded person with a horrible short-term memory. It happens more than once a day where I will enter a room and ask myself, "Why am I here?" This is especially annoying while I'm driving somewhere so much so I picked up the practice of using GPS directions to where I am going even though I know the route just so I don't get caught in that bind. I use written notes to myself, digital lists, and memory exercises just to remember a name, or what I am to do immediately, or to keep track of what I planned in the short term.

What's most interesting is that even though most people comment on how severely fail my short term memory is, most people can relate thoroughly. I might be behaviourally prone to memory issues, but, we all suffer from bouts of short term memory loss - be it by distraction, by concentration, or just plain I forgot your name? sorry? I know you told me twice the last two times we met - Alex? Seriously, you have the same name as me? Seriously? Well that's awkward...

We also ALL fall victim to leaving the stove on at one time or another. Which is dangerous and we all reprimand ourselves by thinking up solutions to better avoiding something so stupid and asking ourselves if the pot/pan we like to use can still be salvaged. But wait a minute...

Cooking is the leading cause of home structure fires and last I checked, Fire is dangerous. So in a world with rules on safety belts, poison labels, circuit breakers, and smoke alarms - WHY DO STOVES NOT SHUT OFF AUTOMATICALLY AFTER 30 MINUTES? Of all the mandated rules for safety... Stoves have been severely overlooked. It's not much to ask for, the technology already exists - and most stoves offer the stupidest little ignorable alarm that is impossible to set as is.

But there is not a part of me that can disagree with having stoves automatically shut off after 30 minutes. But I need to cook longer than 30 minutes! Fine, anything more than 30 minutes should require a timer that shuts off the stove after the timer finishes. But what if I don't know how long to cook it for? Then turn on the alarm that notifies you that the 30 minutes is up, or the stove shut off... It certainly beats having an alarm ring while the stove burns your pizza you so wanted to eat because you made it so nice, but your favourite team is finally winning, which is a sight to see, because teams from Toronto don't really win all the time - so you can't miss this.

You know what I'm saying?
Seriously... I don't need the floor is wet warning, I need every stove I deal with to shut itself down.

/End Rant


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