Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The best Backup Script for Windows EVARRR

Over the years I have been writing tons of these backup scripts, usually on the fly, and usually thinking – I need to make this more robust, shelving that dream for the future


…And now the future has come:



:: BackThisUp
:: Put a copy of this script in any folder you want to 
:: have backed up. It creates backups to a destination
:: path (like an external harddrive) in dated folders:
::      ex: E:\Backups\20150505NameOfBackup\
:: You can alternatively set it up so the backup folder
:: is not dated, so that backups are just kept current:
::      ex: E:\Backups\NameOfBackup\
:: The tool will also provide a Restore script called
:: "RestoreThis.cmd" which will return your files to
:: where they came from.
:: All settings: "Name of Backup", "Backup Location", 
:: and "Dated Backups" will be requested when this 
:: script is run UNLESS those settings are predefined
:: within this script. Predefined settings will allow
:: the script to run automatically, and would be the 
:: best option for scheduled backups. 


:: Optionally Predefined variables:

:: backup_name
:: put whatever you want to call the backup after
:: the equal sign. Keep it short, simple, don't use 
:: special characters, and avoid spaces. 
SET backup_name=

:: backup_destination
:: Put the full path of where you want the Backup 
:: folder to appear. No quotes needed, should be like
:: SET backup_destination=D:\
:: After you run the script, you will see a that the
:: backup can be found at D:\Backups\[backup_name]\...
SET backup_destination=

:: backup_date
:: backup date should either be 1 or 0 where
:: 1 means there will be dates.
:: 0 means there will not be dates
:: *** NOTE *** A backup without a date will only 
:: backup new or updated files that don't appear in 
:: the backup folder... Because that's smart
SET backup_date=

:: backup_review
:: Prompt the user to review settings and allowing 
:: the user to exit the script, otherwise, the
:: script will perform the backup without query
:: 1 means prompt for review
:: 0 means silent mode, process backup without prompt
SET backup_review=1

:: Variables
SET me=%~n0
SET parent=%~dp0

:: FormattedDate
for /f "skip=1 tokens=1-6 delims= " %%a in ('wmic path Win32_LocalTime Get Day^,Hour^,Minute^,Month^,Second^,Year /Format:table') do (
	IF NOT "%%~f"=="" (
	    set /a FormattedDate=10000 * %%f + 100 * %%d + %%a
	    set FormattedDate=!FormattedDate:~-8,4!!FormattedDate:~-4,2!!FormattedDate:~-2,2!

:: Initialization
:: Ask the user to provide backup_name
IF NOT DEFINED backup_name (
	ECHO No backup_name was predefined!
	ECHO ----------------------------------------------------
	ECHO put whatever you want to call the backup after
	ECHO the equal sign. Keep it short, simple, don't use 
	ECHO special characters, and avoid spaces. 
	SET /P backup_name=backup_name=

:: Ask the user to provide (%backup_destination%)
IF NOT DEFINED backup_destination (
	ECHO No backup_destination was predefined!
	ECHO ----------------------------------------------------
	ECHO Put the full path of where you want the Backup 
	ECHO folder to appear. No quotes needed, should be like
	ECHO SET backup_destination=D:\
	ECHO After you run the script, you will see a that the
	ECHO backup can be found at D:\Backups\NameOfBackup...
	SET /P backup_destination=backup_destination=
if NOT EXIST "%backup_destination%" echo Backup Destination doesn't exist.&cls&SET backup_destination=&goto backup_destination
::Does string have a trailing slash? if so remove it 
IF %backup_destination:~-1%==\ SET backup_destination=%backup_destination:~0,-1%

:: Ask the user to provide backup_date
IF NOT DEFINED backup_date (
	ECHO No backup_date was predefined!
	ECHO ----------------------------------------------------
	ECHO backup date should either be 1 or 0 where
	ECHO 1 means there will be dates.
	ECHO 0 means there will not be dates
	ECHO *** NOTE *** A backup without a date will only 
	ECHO backup new or updated files that don't appear in 
	ECHO the backup folder... Because that's smart
	SET /P backup_date=backup_date=

:: Determine Current Path (%CD%)
PUSHD "%~dp0" >NUL && SET root=%CD% && POPD >NUL

:: Determine Date value (%date_path%)
IF /I "%backup_date%" EQU "1" (
	SET date_path=%FormattedDate% 
REM ECHO date_path= %date_path%

:: Determine Destination Path (%backup_path%)
SET backup_path=%backup_destination%\Backups\%date_path%%backup_name%
REM ECHO backup_path= %backup_path%

:: Review Settings                  
IF /I "%backup_review%" EQU "1" (
	ECHO Review Settings
	ECHO ----------------------------------------------------
	ECHO We will be backing up the files and folders from:
	ECHO The backup will be saved to the following folder:
	ECHO %backup_path% 
	CALL :Continue

:: Routines
REM ECHO Routines
CALL :RoboCopyComplete
CALL :CreateRestore

REM ECHO RoboCopyComplete
ROBOCOPY "%CD%" "%backup_path%" /E /dcopy:T /XA:SH /XD Backups /XJD /XO /R:25 /W:15 /V
:: Source Directory
:: Destination Directory
:: Copy Everything (without purge) 
:: Include Directory Timestamps
:: Exclude Hidden & System Files
:: Exclude existing Backups
:: Exclude Junction points for directories
:: Exclude Existing files if they are older
:: Retry 25 Times
:: Wait 15 Seconds before each retry
:: Use 32 threads
:: Verbose output

set /P c=Are you sure you want to continue[Y/N]? 
IF /I "%c%" NEQ "Y" CALL :ExitBatch

@ECHO ROBOCOPY "%backup_path%" "%CD%" /E /dcopy:T /XA:SH /XD Backups /XF RestoreThis.cmd /XJD /XO /R:25 /W:15 /MT:32 /V > "%backup_path%\RestoreThis.cmd"

:ExitBatch - Cleanly exit batch processing, regardless how many CALLs
if not exist "%temp%\ExitBatchYes.txt" call :buildYes
call :CtrlC <"%temp%\ExitBatchYes.txt" 1>nul 2>&1
cmd /c exit -1073741510

:buildYes - Establish a Yes file for the language used by the OS
pushd "%temp%"
set "yes="
copy nul ExitBatchYes.txt >nul
for /f "delims=(/ tokens=2" %%Y in (
  '"copy /-y nul ExitBatchYes.txt ExitBatchYes.txt
exit /b

ECHO All done!
IF /I "%backup_review%" EQU "1" (
@EXIT /B 0

The above “source” is a batch file script designed for NT editions of Windows, mainly because it uses RoboCopy to do the heavy lifting. I commented everything, so feel free to dig around as you please… To make this work for you, do the following.

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Copy and Paste the above
  3. Save the file as “BackThisUp.cmd” and put it in the folder you wish to have backups of

Click on the file anytime you want to back that folder up…


Final Note: If you haven’t noticed, there is a section of “Predefined” variables, by setting those in the script, you can avoid being prompted to review or fill out everything every time you back your stuff up.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Sex Education in Ontario

Let me first start off by telling you that I identify myself as Catholic. Whether I’m a “good” catholic, or a “bad” catholic – is not my position to judge, nor should it be yours. That being said – I challenge you to read through this post, as it is my interest it to challenge your bias on sex education in grade school coming in the new curriculum


Let’s start with a video:




That video is from this article circulating the web:


This article is an example of “Left” bias – in fact – this article reminds me that the Star is trying their best to maintain their horrible standard in reporting news. In the article they source an anonymous Arabic letter as if it represents the view of everyone who opposes these changes, and in turn, ridiculing anyone who does oppose it because of how the letter itself is misinformed.

I propose changing the title of this article to:

BuzzFeed: 10 reasons why criticising sex education means you’re stupid

This false-appeal through ridicule is an example of pandering with extreme messaging. We are familiar with this tactic in American “conservative” media – and often associate that this tactic only belongs to the conservative media alone.


Don’t be stupid: There is no definitive right or wrong position, regardless of if you support the changes or not.


I personally support the changes to sex education. I feel that intellectualizing sex prior to the self-discovery of it will improve both the educational experience of children who go through puberty at different ages and better enable teachers and families to discuss cultural or traditional beliefs of sex to children before they decide for themselves, or more specifically, let their hormones decide for them.


I am aware that many Catholics do not support these changes, as the government does not condone sexual behaviour as strictly as Catholic teaching does, but I do believe that – either through catholic teachers being catholic – or catholic families being catholic, that this will strengthen catholic views on sex by avoiding sweeping sex education under the rug as a set of rules without reason.


With that being said, let’s get an article on the curriculum changes from a Catholic news source.
Warning, conservative media tends to be ridiculous with bias and bad news reporting.

oh wait… that seems reasonable? maybe Catholics in Canada know how to adhere to good journalism, let’s try elsewhere:



Nop – still good journalism. Both articles were reporting on views from those who oppose the curriculum and none of which sourced anonymous extremists, even though, they reported on people who represent the extremely opposed. In reading those articles, valuable points have been made:

  1. Consulting with just 1 parent from every elementary school is hardly good consulting when it comes to reforming what the government forces children to learn.
  2. Lack of transparency in consulting parents in what is “ok” to teach is sufficiently concerning. Are they allowed to teach which political party is better with the same consultation process?
  3. Does an online survey with loaded questions count as consultation?
  4. Did Benjamin Levin (an alleged child pornographer) play any part in writing the new curriculum?

It is important that we challenge our bias and stop ridiculing those who oppose your beliefs. I may support sexual education reform for the same reasons Maclean's writes about.  But don’t fool yourself in thinking that your reasons are strong enough to ignore the valuable points made above – we need to debate these issues properly, and I pray that the government does so.


I will now finish with non-biased reporting from Global News/Canadian Press: 



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