Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Trudeau’s Liberals needs to change their position on Bill C-51

x-defaultThe Liberal Party of Canada decided to officially support Bill C-51 properly going against the opinions of the majority of Canadians.

In short Bill C-51 will allow the government to better improve security of Canadians by improving and broadening the capabilities of information gathering and information sharing.

The bill is intended to target “Terrorists” in a preventative manner by enabling police and other government agencies (like CSIS) to process unwarranted information about Canadians in order to better catch potential terrorists.

They made a movie about this:


Minority Report is an entertaining action-packed movie about improved police powers essentially destroying crime rates by the improved power of seeing into the future. The issue was, those who had control of the powers abused it…

Now Bill C-51 will not enable the government to see future crimes but it does enable the government to spy on Canadians without warrant. This includes what you do on the internet, where you travel to, what you read, eat, watch, what party you support, and even if you are researching where to go to protest a policy the government supports.

Needless to say – any potential crime can be seen as an act of terrorism. And, in turn – anything the government disapproves of can be legislated into a crime. This bill entitles action before justice and smells horribly of a slippery slope of abuse that Minority Report can only dream of.

It’s a political Strategy

The Liberal party already announced that the bill urgently needs amendments – yet they will support it when it comes to the floor regardless of there being amendments. According to Justin Trudeau: the purpose of pushing the bill through is to prevent ‘Political Hay’ during an election year… This expression derives from “Make Hay while the sun continues to shine” in reference to the pair of shooting attacks that were associated with terrorism by media and the Harper government. Opposing the bill enables the conservative party to “fear campaign” to which they would have a clear advantage of.

Why this is a good idea

Voters… Most voters are susceptible to fear campaigns. Also – most voters are older and are not exposed to the internet – or at least – not aware to the degree of exposure they have with the internet. In fact, most people in general have no understanding that Transaction information, ALL digital communication, and literally every computational device, new car, new thermostat, ect… utilize the internet in one way or another. The Liberals can’t win an election by educating the public how the internet works – they can – however agree with the message, “Terrorism is bad – we should do something”

Why is this a bad idea

Aside from underestimating the intelligence of the average voter (granted, I can’t blame them – we did give Harper two consecutive majority governments). The lack of contrast and the lack of certainty on this bill can prove toxic. The media will have a field day getting easy reads on grey area answers from the Liberal party. This self-destructive method of political positioning has always served toxic for the Liberal strategy.

This also challenges those who are decided on Bill C-51 to vote NDP as a true alternative. My allegiance is Liberal – but – not enough for me to disclose my where-abouts, my communications, my software that I produce for my clients, or whatever business secrets I maintain with my clients for scrutiny by authorities I know nothing about.

How the Liberals can win back my vote

  1. Last minute change of position right when the bill hits the floor. Surprise motherf*cker, we hate this bill.
  2. A clear list of amendments and the reasons for those amendments to be announced prior to the bill.
  3. Both of the above at the same time!
  4. Let each member of the Liberal caucus decide their position – staying completely non-partisan on the matter  as a whole.
The problem with the above suggestions is that the Conservative party can literally do the same – and they could start winning the approval of more “on the fence” conservatives in the process (and still pass such a terrible bill in some cases)

This unpopular bill needs to die – just like Bill C-30. And the Liberal’s positioning on it will certainly guarantee some really entertaining and lively debates in the upcoming year. Let’s face it – politics aside: Harper, Muclair, and Trudeau is shaping up to be the political cage match of the century….


- An undecided voter



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