Sunday, 12 April 2015

Thank you location restrictions, you are not welcome.

This is how Canadians view SNL skits online:



This problem is easily solved, search harder for the content or proxy around the restriction. But – let’s face it: the real problem is copyrights are out-dated and are designed to serve those who manage content rather than produce content.


Every potential restriction is another competitive market for content. The Canadian market might pay more for SNL skits then the US market. Or SNL over cable might be more affordable than SNL over HULU or Netflix. All these different mechanisms to sell through to is insane – seeing – all the consumer wants is the content itself – and it’s a painful way to abuse the consumer.


For example, If I am able to see Saturday Night Live on basic cable in Canada… how is this content which I had the right to watch available on one medium but not the other.


We need some forward thinking… some really progressive copyright laws where you pay for the message and not the medium and let the medium develop fluently around getting the message to the consumer – because it is certainly ridiculous that we pay for all these mediums and their failure to cooperate destroys the power of the technology we develop. Let me see this skit, and lawyers gtfo #YouKnowNothing #AboutTechnology.


/end rant


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