Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Develop Eclipse / Momentics applications across machines with DropBox

I’m learning how to make BlackBerry 10 apps – and the last thing I want to do is set up GIT for an environment I am not committed to, for applications that are beginner level at best!


When Googling if sharing your workspace over DropBox was possible – everyone meets that with a stern “No” because of machine specific file path settings and, wait, what is the purpose of a workspace again?


In realizing that these settings are machine specific but the project folder itself is not… I find that there is a simple workaround using DropBox’s selective sync to opt out of syncing settings files to make multi-machine development both easy and quite possible:

  1. Right click drop box tray icon, and click the Gear to open DropBox Preferences
  2. Click Selective Sync
  3. Uncheck the .metadata folder:

Screenshot 2015-04-07 20.20.59


Do the same on the destination computer of choice, however, since you are working in a completely different workspace you will be required to import the existing project into the workspace.


  1. Right click in Project Explorer and click “Import…”Screenshot 2015-04-07 20.28.33
  2. Import “Existing Projects into Workspace” and select the workspace project folder you wish to develop
    Screenshot 2015-04-07 20.29.42

It is implied that the workspace for momentics is within my dropbox folder, of course, and I don’t guarantee this working in everyone’s situation. I am using two 64 bit Windows machines (windows 7 and windows 8) but, I am able to build on both… What is nice is that each machine uses different targets to deploy the apps – and that is quite wonderful, on one machine I use my BlackBerry Z30 and on the other machine I use the virtual environment.

If there are any caveats I should know, or this formula works for you – feel free to leave a comment. For now – this is a wonderful solution for me!




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