Sunday, 13 April 2014

Windows 7 Software > Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 Pet Peeves #001

Windows 8 Modern Apps are significantly less functional than Windows 7 Desktop software, particularly the free stuff that comes packaged or recommended with the O/S. Seeing that I use much of this software on the regular, the frustration that comes with the modern apps on Windows 8 really drives me cray.


Here is a brief list of just some of programs which were better on Windows 7:

  1. Windows Live Mail > Windows 8 Mail App
  2. Windows Live Photo Gallery > Photos App
  3. Windows Default Picture Viewer > Photos App
  4. Explorer in Thumbnail View > Photos App
  5. Internet Explorer Desktop > Photos App (you can see i despise the photo’s app)
  6. Office > nothing on Modern… maybe I should get an iPad
  7. VLC > VLC Modern
  8. Windows Media Player > Video app
  9. Notepad > Any RT Text editor (this is pretty sad)
  10. Application Hangs > The app just closes mysteriously
  11. Window resizing > App placement left-right -- how do i get this video on the top right corner always on top?
  12. Windows Live Writer > nothing
  13. Zune > XBox Music (this is a close call… XBox music gets significantly better with each update)
  14. Visual Studio > nothing
  15. Windows File Explorer > nothing or FileBrick (File Brick does do a good job for making up for the failure for Modern/RT/Metro to manage files)
  16. OneSkyDrive desktop > OneSkyDrive Modern

There are however a few Modern apps which are clearly better than the old desktop equivalents. And depending on how you like using your computer…

  1. Solitaire, Minesweeper, small games are better on the Modern interface
  2. Search and the Bing suite of apps are better on the Modern interface… Sure beats the desktop offerings, and it does a great job with search. A great alternative to the advertising heavy Google trying to take all the moneys


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