Sunday, 1 June 2014

How to get elected

It is very important to reach out and see what your local representative is doing, to see where their party stands, and to understand what your vote means to you and your community.


I personally lean just left of centre on the political spectrum, however, the province has been notoriously slow at paying their dues in getting a hospital project started (it’s seriously 10 years overdue) and of all the potential issues – this one is make or break for me.


Now with the beauty of Twitter you can reach out and straight up mention said issue directly to your regional candidates, and if their representative is on the ball (or his PR team is) you may actually get a response:



This is much more response than I’m traditionally used to during an MPs campaign, and I rather this than a “virtual town hall” done over the phone, which becomes increasingly annoying when those go down.


With this response, I’m certain I will give him my vote, and he may have bought himself 4 more years on the job and a steady income in that time… BUT…. I will be certain to hold him accountable to the building of this hospital in 2014 now, and if by January 2015 there is no shovel in the ground… there would have to be some sort of miracle for him (and his party) to keep my vote.

I would strongly urge people to do the same. Elections are only valuable if you participate in them – so make yourself heard!




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