Monday, 7 October 2013

Dear Rogers, What you are doing is either extremely illegal or highly unethical. Please Stop

I got a call from Rogers, a recorded message that a few of my own associates reported as well (because the nature of the call is concerning)

"Rogers detected that one of the computers in your network may be infected with a virus and you are at risk of having your service discontinued"

"Please see for further details."

I find this rather amusing, because,
  1. I don't have any viruses on any of my connected computers. I am an IT administrator who keeps a rather tight ship.
  2. The service representative informed me that a "Bot" flagged my private network as having one - which would indicate they are combing through specifics of my web communications (which should be illegal) and even in that regard any viruses communicated (for example downloaded to a junk folder) doesn't indicate that the virus is active on my computer as my virus scanner would remove said rogue programs from executing. 
 So what is it Rogers?
  • Are you combing through my traffic?
  • Or are you telemarketing under false pretenses, to which I would like to remind you that we are on the "Do Not Call" list.


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