Wednesday, 18 April 2012

City of Vaughan Volunteer Recognition Award



Presented by Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, the Volunteer Recognition award is presented annually to volunteers who made a contribution to their city in their service. It was certainly a joy to be recognized for such an award, a nomination put forward by Immaculate Conception Parish, a small community which I have been part of for many years.

My service with the parish includes:

  1. Organizing the Pine Valley Carnival
  2. Various Religious presentations for Easter and Christmas
  3. Coordinating the Immaculate Conception Youth Group.
  4. Involvement within 4 different choirs
  5. And alter-service.

This has been my home parish since the inception of the church and her community, and I’m very thankful for the recognition I was honoured with.



My Award



With former mayor and active regional councillor, Michael DiBiase



Nice to see other familiar faces, get recognized as well including Mrs. Romano



And, very nice to get to participate in the front hall of the new city hall building… Though, such an expensive building should have had a larger front hall. It was definitely too many people for the unusually small room, where the hallway in front of the room was more spacious.

Update (More Pictures) courtesy Michelle DeBuono






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