Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Calculating the Difference Between Days

One task I tend to be I find unusually annoying in GUI operating systems is the ignorance of “small apps” to do “simple tasks” especially when the GUI interface makes such a task intuitive and easy.


I still find myself opening the system calendar and counting the number of days between two dates.

As a programmer this simple task is ridiculous, because, literally every programming language out there has a “DateDiff” function or method of calculating the difference betwixt two dates. So.. as a programmer, I decided to write my own DateDiff app and voila:

Date Difference:


The program is simple, it gives you two calendars. You can select the dates on those calendars, and the text box in the middle gives you the difference of said dates.

Alternatively, you can modify the text box, and the second calendar will adjust it’s selected date accordingly.

Very simple app.

Download it at:



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