Sunday, 5 February 2012

IDEA BLOG #1 : A Tablet instead of a newspaper.


Recently I was reading a news article of how India is supplying extremely affordable tablet computers to students in cooperation with a Montreal based company called "DataWind" 


The article outlines how costs were reduced by having content suppliers and advertisers contribute to the cost of the tablet itself, thus reducing the tablets price to only $50.

A $50 Tablet?! Oh My!!!Aakash-2-Ubislate-7

Granted most people receive their news online over newspapers, the newspaper still has a large audience, it allows for a very comfortable setting and provides a great collection of news with portability. Essentially, A newspaper is a daily tablet computer that gets delivered to your door.


However with the amount of paper, and paper advertising that gets assembled with the newspaper… Wouldn’t providing a cheap tablet instead of thousands and thousands of pages of paper over a course of a subscription be more economical?


All a newspaper would have to do essentially is to contract it’s subscribers for multiple seasons at a premium price (like $25 seasonally) and provide them a cheap tablet like DataWind’s UbiSlate with a built in android app that lets them access their online news reader account.


In fact most major newspapers are half way there with such apps already existing in the Android Marketplace. All they need to do is give their  existing call centers (or existing advertising mechanisms) an option to sell such a premium subscription and watch those (like myself) who have no appeal toward having a tablet get a tablet…

Come on newspaper company’s… Hurry up and take my money!


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