Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Set up your Rogers voicemail and more…

I found it interesting recently that Rogers did not give me basic instructions on how to access the home phone / business phone features for our newly acquired phone line. A simple “cheat sheet” would do, really…

Failure of their website to describe such a simple facility is seemingly absurd, and to call customer service for a question like, “how do i access/set up my voice mail?” also seems quite unnecessary. After getting such instructions, I realized if I searched such instructions Google would likely hook me up (and it did) with more information – and without a doubt Google managed to obtain a user guide for their home phone services:

PDF Guide for their home phone

To make life even easier (Seeing that various wireless customers have the same services) I’m also providing a cheat sheet, so that you too can set up your voicemail, and I don’t have to hear the message, “Inform this Rogers customer to set up their voicemail” next time I call you.

Rogers Phone Services Cheat Sheet:

How to access it
Voicemail *98
Away from phone:
Call your phone then press “9” when you hear your message
First time you use it, it will ask you for a temporary password which will be the last four digits of your phone number.

After that, you will be prompted for your new password
Block Numbers / Call Screen *60 To activate or deactivate, press “3”

To add a number, press “#” + The Number + “#”

To remove a number, press “*” + Number + “*”
Reject Anonymous Callers *77 *87 will deactivate rejection of anonymous callers
Call Forward *72 After dialling, provide number you wish to forward to. Wait 5 seconds, even if someone picks up, or until you hear 2 beeps
Call Transfer During a call press “Link” or “Transfer” or “Hang up” button Immediately after, when you hear a dial tone – call a local number you want to transfer to, once that number picks up – hang up and the call will be transferred.
Call Trace *57 This will allow the police to trace who is calling regardless of private name/number

I sincerely hope you set up your voicemail now, it’s super-annoying to decide to leave a voice-mail only to get a message that you can’t

Fix that,


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