Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Being random wherever I go


I never appreciate being sick because it takes me away from accomplishing anything productive... Even though I do appreciate the rest, chicken soup, mass tea consumption, and the recovery efforts… I’m never quite as satisfied as I would be when being productive…. 


In order to keep myself productive at the office I rarely ever approach a task list top down, rather I randomly choose a task – then work away at it. This creative approach helps me avoid overwhelming myself on a chain of activities… and keeps me productive. In order to fulfill this random selection I made myself a A Random Number Generator on every machine I use. Which becomes very versatile in making decisions on the fly. 


Due to the relative simplicity in making software that generates a random number, writing such an application is never an issue. It usually is just an entertaining endeavour involving the latest technologies available to me. However, due to my constant use of this software, I have become very particular about it’s functionality and all the pre-requisites involved for it’s use… and the size of this list has, well, made it cumbersome for me to find the time to have made one for my most recent pair of computers being:

My main developer computer, and the new machine I have at home….

So… now that I do have some time on my hands… Visual Studio 2010… and a desire to try out WPF… I figure now would be the best time to make a brand new Random Number Generator, to which I shall call “Randomination”

A screenshot:




Click Here to to download:



Hope you found this little app to be useful, leave any suggestions in the comments,




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