Sunday, 4 December 2011

Where to Get Windows 7 Gadgets

Yesterday, I was complaining about Microsoft’s decision to dissolve their extensive Gadget resource.

Today, rather than complaining – I present to you other resources that contain working and useful gadgets. In fact, I wish I searched for these resources sooner – because I find many of these gadgets better than the popular gadgets Microsoft offered on their own resource (mainly because these ones actually work)

So without further ado:
All the above links lead to gadget lists, with some interesting gadgets. I hope they serve you as well as they served me.



Saturday, 3 December 2011

Windows 7 Gadgets

I think it was the day (a couple weeks back) I decided to utilize gadgets to my Windows 7 computer at home, was the day Microsoft decided to downsize this value added feature to their operating system.

Their reasoning is to encourage focus, development, and attention on their next generation operating system, Windows 8, as it is apparent that Gadgets will not have any place in that operating system.

As a programmer, this leaves a few questions unanswered:
  1. Why remove existing gadgets? The main download source was the Microsoft hosted gadget gallery mainly because the operating system will link to it by default. Which became the most accessible (and often only) source of gadgets available for the operating system.
  2. Why not attempt to extend the existing gadget framework to work within the Metro interface in Windows 8? They successfully allowed the gadget framework to move away from the Vista Sidebar of one operating system to the next, why not enhance Metro by facilitating Gadgets within it? Am I the only person that thinks this makes perfect sense!?
  3. Rather than downsize it completely, why not replace the Gadget framework completely with Yahoo Widgets? With all the yahoo take over rumours firing up again, and the BING/Yahoo Search integration working beyond smooth, why not offer an optional update to replace gadgets with Yahoo Widgets? After all Gadgets are notoriously buggy, and their ability to affect start up performance is worrisome, having an optional update that allows for integrated use of Yahoo Widgets only makes sense (especially with all the positive reviews they get).
Final Note,

I have been harvesting Windows Gadgets as of late, and I will be looking around for more. I may share them in a future post just in case I find no alternatives to the Windows Downloads Gadget Gallery popping up elsewhere.

On top of that, I may later review Yahoo Widgets as an alternative…

Until then – have a nice day,



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