Sunday, 9 October 2011

Unusual behaviour with new PC’s (with Windows)

Recently I got this question:

Hey Alex, happy Thanksgiving. I have two computer questions for you: my mom got a new laptop, toshiba, and it has randomly been kicking her off the internet and then rebooting on its own, and also all the colours are looking weird on the background picture and on her online strange. Do u know what the deal with it?
My response:

When you get a new laptop, and - being windows, it will often automatically update itself and the updates for Windows Vista and Windows 7 are extensive... like extremely extensive. (They did a lot after releasing it to improve it)

However, these updates are installed "behind the scenes" by default and often require Restarts.

There were also a notorious number of updates in those "Windows updates" that included NVidia and other Graphic Card drivers (the software that run the graphics, screen, ect...) When those drivers get applied, often the resolution and colours would decrease (temporarily) until the computer is restarted.
This all appears to happen while you are doing other things... it's normal with a new PC.

So best way to avoid this from happening behind the scenes is...

  1. Press "Start"
  2. Then type "Windows Update"
  3. Then follow the instructions...
This process will take a while. but it's really good to do it actively than to have it do it in the background not knowing when it will do that random stuff...

Hope that answers your question

- Alex


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