Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Thank You Everyone - Results announced!

Though unofficial at the moment, the results of the Ward 3 York Region Catholic School Board election were posted. It was an enjoyable and wonderful learning experience! Here are the results:

  • Maria Carnovale - 645 Votes
  • Margherita Thurlow - 421 Votes
  • Sabrina Tagliabue - 185 Votes 
  • Diane Donato - 182 Votes
  • Virgilio Brusco - 180 Votes
  • Donald MacGillivray - 152 Votes
  • Maria Furlano - 140 Votes
  • Alex Casamassima (me) - 77 Votes
  • Bernard Campagna - 71 Votes
  • Lia Cavaliere-Novario - 18 Votes
  • Cathy Carriero - 13 Votes
  • Antonette Rufo - 9 Votes
  • Victor Medina-Leal - 3 Votes
  • Gianleonardo Neglia - 3 Votes

I'm happy that I was managed to accomplish the best result of all the candidates who haven't put up signs, or utilized glossy flyers. None the less, I do feel in-dept to those 77 voters who came out on my behalf with nothing to gain, I'm gracious and thankful for their support (even those who didn't vote and supported me as well) -- I feel as if I should have campaigned more properly in order to justify their support.

Some things that I have learned:
- A single individual with little expense can obtain 50-100 votes, if they invest their time accordingly.
- A single individual with expenses (signs and flyers) can gain 100-200 votes.
- A by-election means more direct voters, each voter must be familiar with the name they are voting for - otherwise signs and flyers would have an exponential result.
- A group of individuals forms a "team" of sorts, this team has to be formed early, and work hard with proper investment. This produces a fairly strong result in elections - a candidate that manages a team demonstrates publicly their own capacity to do a job in terms of "getting things done." On this regard people are willing to support that candidate regardless of knowing them directly or not.

Both Maria and Margherita were aggressive in their campaigning - granted at times I may have disapproved in certain behaviour, they still managed to convey determination and the ability to get things done - This earned them their deserved results.

In turn, I congratulate all the candidates for their efforts.

As well, I thank all those who have supported me!


Alex Casamassima

(maybe I will  do this again, more properly, we'll see)


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