Sunday, 2 January 2011

Alex Casamassima for "Trustee"

Hello again!

My name is Alex Casamassima, I am running for Catholic School Board Trustee on January 10th - I would strongly appreciate your support. Please take a few minutes to browse around this website to find out more about myself or my platform and be sure to vote January 10th!
Last night - someone asked me:

What is a trustee?

This is a question I heard too often and this is a very important question to know the answer of, especially in terms of an election.

The most formal answer can be found in the "Good Governance" guide available at where it says:

As a member of the board, an individual trustee is expected to act within the board's by-laws and be loyal to the board's decisions. However, as elected persons, trustees are also expected to advocate for the interests of their constituencies.

Essentially, a trustee represents the constituents, students, families and the taxpayers in the decision making process of the school board. As a members of the board, collectively the trustee's responsibilities include:

  • Policy making
  • Student achievement and well- being
  • Allocating resources
  • Policy governing staffing
  • School facilities
  • School Supports
  • Communication

Many of these responsibilities have been neglected in recent years, perhaps this is the reason people are even asking that question in the first place. My intention is to make it very apparent what the Trustee is doing in the next four years - regardless of the results of the election.


Alex Casamassima


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